Protective Glass Coating

AC Glass is an official dealer of Diamon-Fusion® Protective Glass Coating. This great product can be ordered with your glass or applied to existing glass and applies for both residential and commercial. Contact us to discuss your coating options.

About Diamon-Fusion® Protective Glass Coating

Diamon-Fusion® is an ultra-thin, UV resistant, protective glass coating that transforms ordinary glass into a high-performing, water-repellent surface. Similar to how a non-stick cooking pan works, surfaces treated with Diamon-Fusion® become easier to clean and requires less care to maintain.

The invisible barrier created in the Diamon-Fusion® process is also extremely smooth, which helps prevent environmental pollutants, hard water, and soap scum from damaging the glass.

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How Diamon-Fusion® Works

At a microscopic level, glass is quite rough. Inevitably, this allows minerals from hard water, soap scum, and environmental pollutants to easily penetrate the surface causing unwanted stains. Diamon-Fusion® prevents this from happening by creating an ultra-thin, transparent barrier that seals the glass. It patented, two-step process chemically bonds to the glass filling in the microscopic peaks and valleys of the surface.

There are many added benefits to having your shower coated:

  • Web-like nanocoating – chemically bonds with glass
  • Hydrophobic (water-repellent) – 90% easier to clean
  • Oleophobic (oil repellent) – 90% easier to clean
  • Scratch resistant – prevents abrasions and scuffs
  • Chemically inert – no adverse reactions once applied
  • No cure time – instantly bonds to the glass
  • 100% optically clear – transparent nanocoating
  • Anti-corrosion – protects against heat and humidity
  • Coating thickness – < 40nm (nanometers)

Residential Glass Surfaces

Protect the glass and silica-based surfaces throughout your home from permanent damage with the stain-resistant features of Diamon-Fusion® protective coating. Working like a ‘non-stick’ cooking pan, Diamon-Fusion® upgrades unprotected glass into easy-to-clean surfaces that stay clean and clear for longer.

  • Cuts cleaning time up to 90%
  • Keeps glass cleaner between cleans
  • Prevents stains, corrosion, and etching
  • Eco-friendly; eliminates harsh chemical cleaners
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • No revitalizer or aftercare products required
  • Suitable for new and existing glass
  • UV resistant; won’t break down in sunlight
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Commercial Glass Surfaces

Protect glass railings, exterior glazing, hotel shower doors, and other commercial glass surfaces from stains and etching with Diamon-Fusion® protective coating. The patented coating repels water and environmental pollutants from sticking to the glass, keeping them beautiful and easy-to-clean for years to come.

  • Makes glass significantly easier to clean
  • Prevents stains, corrosion, and etching
  • Eco-friendly; eliminates harsh chemical cleaners
  • Protects against damaged caused by environmental pollutants
  • 15-year warranty on commercial glass surfaces
  • Enhances glass brilliance and clarity
  • UV resistant; won’t break down in sunlight
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